About us

Located in Crown Point, Indiana

Jamie Schaufler owner of My Antler Dog Chews LLC markets antlers directly to dog and puppy lovers at trade shows, farmers markets around the country, and her hometown store. Her husband and distributor, Tony Schaufler, travels to the western states and throughout the Rocky Mountains purchasing thousands of pounds of fresh antler from collectors who buy in their area from avid hikers in search of them.


As a family business, we pride ourselves on our deep industry knowledge, sustainability practices, and most importantly providing healthy, natural treats for your pets.


We collect, we buy, we cut and we sell the best dog chews around!

We collect antlers from many species of male deer in the United States that naturally shed them during the winter and spring seasons; these vary from Whitetails, to Mules, Blacktails, Elks, and Moose (dogs prefer all kinds!). After sourcing, Tony cuts them to perfectly suit different breeds of dogs and to expose at least two marrow sections of delicious and nutritious antler marrow inside that all pups love. The antlers are left 100% all-natural bone state, without any other alterations or modifications to be shipped directly to pet stores brands across the country.

With the increasing demand for natural antlers in the dog chew industry, we strive to continue being a major supplier in the country, keeping your canine companions happy and healthy with their long-lasting antler chews.


Jamie’s Bio

February 9, 2024

To my loyal family of dogs and their people, I feel the need to let you all know my feelings of how each four-legged friend has been such a gift and has impacted my life! I started My Antler Dog…


2024 My Antler Events

January 24, 2024

February 17th & 18th – Shipshewana on the Road Saturday 9am – 6pm Sunday 10am – 5pm Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds and Expo Center Kalamazoo, MI 49048 March 9th & 10th – Shipshewana on the Road Saturday 9am – 6pm Sunday…


Global Pet Expo 2019

March 28, 2019

My Antler Dog Chews, owned by Jamie Schaufler, with husband and distributor, Tony Schaufler, attended their second Global Pet Expo last week in sunny Orlando. We were gracious guests of Scott Pet Products. We love to shop for the newest…


Everything You Need To Know About Antler

March 6, 2019

My Antler Dog Chews sounds exactly like what it is. We sell antler chews for dogs. We named it that because every dog deserves the experience of being able to chew on an antler in their life time. In our…