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MADC Burr Antler Rope Toy



This is a My Antler Dog Chew Special!

We proudly make these rope toys ourselves at our shop in Montana. There is a hand-cut, fresh, naturally shed elk burr on an end of the rope, and the rope itself is made of 100% cotton. This is the perfect ” fetch” and retrieve toy! With the weight of the antler burr, you can throw it far! This toy is double the fun, and it will serve your dog, as it is a durable chew. We made these rope toys for our dogs, and we quickly learned of their hours of enjoyment!


100% natural shed elk antler burr | 100% cotton rope
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Caitlin C

Highly impressed with the quality of products, amazing customer service and quick shipping!! Definitely a forever customer!! Our big guy LOVES his new antler!

Kathy J.

Went there yesterday, the Schererville show was canceled, & I needed new chews. Contacted them, she said to come right over!!! How sweet she was!!! We walked away with 4~ elk antlers & a Himalayan stick for the puppy, of course, the puppy wanted the antler!!
Thank you for being so great, hubby & I enjoyed listening to your adventures with your hubby & family!!! Will definitely be back & will be telling all my fur friends where to go to get their treats!!!

Brooke K.

We bought yak cheese at the farmers market in the fall and my dog was obsessed. She finished it off in November and we needed more. We tried some from Amazon, but it lasted for days instead of months. We tracked down My Antler through the farmers market FB page and ordered more. 2 of them were broken in transit and they replaced them so quickly. We are absolutely thrilled with their quality and their service! We are raving fans and we can’t wait to see buy more at the market this summer!

Donna F.

Our pup loves your split elk antler. She works off all her nervous energy by chewing and carries her antler-like a treasure all over the house. She even takes it to bed. (I think she is afraid the cat will take it.) The antlers we bought from My Antler lasted a surprisingly LONG time, and they didn’t split or splinter like other brands do! We have been very satisfied. More importantly, Bella is happy!